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    John Czingula's Story

    From Refugee To Entrepreneur

    This is my life's dramatic story so you can overcome adversity, escape obstacles and reach the American Dream.

Meet The Author

John Czingula

Seven-year-old Janos Czingula of Debrecen, Hungary dreamt of being a railroad man, soldier, pilot, engineer, actor, and entrepreneur.

Hunkered down with his family, literally dodging the German and Russian bullets piercing the gatekeeper’s house where they hid, survival became his only ambition. He lived through World War II only to be trapped behind the Iron Curtain, unable to realize any of his ambitions. Unwilling to accept the indignities of Communism and facing persecution in the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, he was forced to flee his family, friends, and the only life he’d ever known.

A refugee, Janos immigrated to America and became John: hard-working immigrant, popular foreign student, Hollywood actor and producer, aviator, skier, businessman, and successful entrepreneur. His utterly fascinating, harrowing, joyous journey is the true embodiment American Dream.


Mission Statement

I wish this dramatic story of a life to reach and show the readers how to overcome adversity and escape and reach the American Dream. I want this to be a best seller and made into a motion picture.



Author Spotlight:
John Czingula

The Incredible True Story of a Young Immigrant’s Journey to the American Dream.

John Czingula reveals his family life in Debrecen, Hungary when the Russian army began to turn Hungary into a communist nation during and after WWII. He provides the unique perspective of a child who does not understand the full gravity of the situation, but his descriptions and experiences paint the horrifying full picture. In an interview, Czingula states, “I had a wonderful, wonderful childhood in Hungary before the war ... then came the war, the Germans and the Russians and the Americans and some English, and we went through the second World War within the battle. In other words, my grandmother had five acres of land just outside of the city of Debrecen, and my father was a gardening engineer.” The Czingula family survives in a small bunker on this piece of land, where they live in fear of the warzone that Hungary had become.


From Utopia To The American Dream

‘From Utopia to the American Dream,’ a fascinating and inspirational autobiography by John Czingula, is a tale that spans many different worlds and showcases triumphs and tribulations ... Under the yoke of the Soviet Union, the Czingula family was lucky to survive intact and continued to struggle as the Soviets tightened their grip of every aspect of Hungarian society ... Really this is two books—before and after John’s escape from Hungary. ‘From Utopia to the American Dream’ is a story of hope, a book which demonstrates how dreams, determination and imagination are the magic elixirs of life. Brad Butler, Author of ‘A World Flight Over Russia’ and ‘Without Redemption.’


Dream USA

This book is deeply personal and thoroughly captivating, as readers are led through John’s life from his childhood in Hungary to his adulthood in America. John is someone who will leave behind a legacy of many careers, but most importantly, he will be known for his journey and the mindset that led him to the American Dream.

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On the left: Russian army officers in The Hungarian Revolution

On the right: The Hungarian revolutionaries fighting the Russians.


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